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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Acupressure Benefits

From the mystical treasures that the Orient has to offer to the world, one of the most well accepted forms of alternate medicine is Acupressure. The Chinese believe in the concept of a vital energy that flows through all beings called “Qi”, which balances the life force and maintains the balance between: Yin (negative energy) and Yang (positive energy). The Qi supposedly flows through the body in Meridians and connect the fingertips to your brain and finally the organs and the disruption of the energy flow leads to disease and ill-health.Based on this concept, acupressure and acupuncture make use of hands or a special equipment to activate the Acupressure points present on the palms and fingers, which are hundreds in number. The are named accordingly. For example: Liver 3 or LR 3 point on the palm that is linked to the liver. There is an ongoing debate about the existence of Meridians and some attribute the successful treatments to the increase in Endorphin production, a know hormone to alleviate pain. Nevertheless, it’s success is unchallenged in treating many health issues.Trained acupressure practitioners generally hold up to an hour long session and recommend multiple sessions for best results. Some of the common health ailments which have shown marked improvements from acupressure are:1. Back pain2. After chemotherapy and pregnancy nausea3. After surgery pain4. Depression and anxiety5. ArthritisDeep tissue treatments like acupressure, acupuncture and Tui na involve muscle and joint treatments and hence, a registered and experiences practitioner should always be contacted to avoid any mishaps. This form of alternate medicine also has no seen side-effects. So, even if they might not work for you, it will not harm your health in any manner. Reiki, Qi gong and Shiatsu are off-shoots of the Traditional Chinese Medicine of acupressure. Researches have also shown that the majority of cases showing positive results had patients who genuinely believed in the healing powers of this treatment. Having a positive approach to acupressure will only fast-track your way to a better life and balance your life to modern day pressures.

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