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Tuesday 11 December 2018
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Bee Sting Therapy

Bee Sting Therapy refers to use of bee venom to treat a health condition. This therapy is part of apitherapy which refers to use of beehive products such as pollen, honey, bee venom, royal jelly and propolis.

This type of treatment has been in use since ancient times. It was mostly used in treatment of skin diseases, arthritis, back pains and rheumatism. Bee therapy is still used in today’s world as an alternative therapy for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease. This bee venom is usually retrieved from bee stingers.

Research has revealed that bee venom is very reach in peptides, enzymes and biogenic amines. These are not the only components of bee venom. Modern research has revealed that there are a total of 18 active components in bee venom. Each of this component has some medicinal value.

Scientists claim that the bee venom can modify the way the immune system works thus leading to increased production of cortisol. In the ancient times, bee venom was administered by using live bees. These bees were stimulated to sting the affected areas. However, in modern days a standardized venom is usually administered. This is done depending on the nature of ailment one is suffering from. This venom can either be used in an ointment, liniment, cream or in form of an injection.

Scientists claim that bee venom is most effective when retrieved directly from a live bee. The best time to do this is during the late spring season since this is the time when the bees have a good source of pollen. This sufficient supply of pollen enables them to produce potent venom. Bee venom is usually less potent during the winter season.
The best method of administration is usually through an injection. A venom solution is first made from pure bee venom. It is then administered between the skin layers or under the skin. This is done on this areas so as to imitate the effect of a bee sting.

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