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Sunday 18 August 2019
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What is Acupuncture and What are its Benefits?

Acupuncture is a principle component therapy used in the world as a traditional medicine originating from china many years ago. It involves the beliefs of hair-thin-needs being inserted along specific vital energy –channels known as the meridians. Each insertion of the meridian is associated with giving support to the balanced flow of energy in the life force within the meridian. Without the balancing of the flow, the body is prone to various types of disease, thus it is very vital to do away with the imbalance to help the state of the body mind to maintain, improve and regain its healthy state. Over 1000 acupuncture points have been estimated to exist in the human body.

The term acupuncture can also be described as a process, which involves anatomical point’s stimulation within the body using various techniques. The insertion of the thin needles through the skin is usually manipulated through electric stimulation or just by hand. This helps prevent the imbalance of life force energy or the blockage reducing the rates of being exposed to certain diseases. When the life force energy condition is in excess, stagnation or deficiency, negative extreme emotional conditions like anger, fear, sadness, anxiety or worry begin to arise.

When emotional and spiritual imbalance are left to dominate the body for a longer period, they tend to cause a negative impact on the physical appearance of an individual thus development of diseases. Therefore, the work of the acupuncturists is to be able to detect the imbalances at their very early stages before they develop into physical diseases. They are also in a position to alleviate the symptoms using the acupuncture through resolving energetic imbalances that are associated with its root cause. The distal point is known to be the crucial part where treatment takes place. This is because the power points of the acupuncture on the meridians are found on the further end of the meridians, and they are located between the elbows and the fingers and between the knees and the toes.

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