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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Top 3 Holistic Trends

Top 3 Holistic Trends

This is a good thing as it introduces more and more people to the health benefits of a holistic lifestyle. Many of us are concerned that conventional medicine does not really bring us any real benefits, and we are slowly beginning to appreciate that the world of natural healing can help us more. Not only can the holistic approach make us feel better but it can add better emotional quality to our lives as well. So, what are the top three holistic trends at the moment.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating means that you choose your food carefully. Instead of just allowing the food to fill your stomach, you eat what is good for you and what your body needs. It is a way of eating for energy and allowing the food to fully benefit you. Most of the time we just eat something quickly to satisfy our immediate hunger, but mindful eating also means that you have a long time eating plan. You don’t just eat for now, you eat foods that will help you to stay healthy on a long term basis. It also means that you pay attention to how you chew your food and how it tastes. All of this will help your digestive system, you will optimize the amount of nutrients you absorb and the result will be better energy levels.


Homeopathic medicine is once again becoming popular. It is an “energy” system of medicine based on the human body which includes a vital force. Modern physics has allowed us to discover that our bodies are dense fields of energy. A disturbance can lead to disease and another form of energy can rebalance us. Once our energy system is back in balance, our fragile immune system will be boosted and we will start to function better. The word homeopathy comes from ancient Greek and it means similar suffering. This reflects the key principle behind the homeopathy method of healing, and it is believed a compound can cure the symptoms of a sick person which the same compound can cause in a healthy person.

Natural ingredients

Just like with mindful eating, we are becoming more aware of artificial ingredients in our food and environment. We are quickly moving more towards full fat foods as we have finally realized that low fat food is full of artificial ingredients. But, this does not only apply to food. We are also beginning to pay attention to what is in our household cleaning and skincare products. The truth is that we have had enough of artificial and man made ingredients such as parabens. Now, we are looking for a much more natural lifestyle.

There are many more holistic trends out there, and as we learn more about natural health solutions, the more popular alternative health is set to become. We are slowly learning that we can both cleanse and heal our own lives in a much more natural way.

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