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Tuesday 11 December 2018
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Holistic Healing for Pets

Holistic veterinarians believe that the overuse of pharmaceuticals as well as the use of commercial pet foods may be primary contributors to many of the chronic diseases and conditions that seem to plague animals in increasing numbers. Keeping your pet healthy in the first place can help ensure that traditional medical treatments will rarely be needed.

Herbal Remedies

Pet herbal remedies can treat a variety of ailments, but the use of herbal treatments for pets is not limited to treating illnesses. There are many supplements you can give your pet for optimal health.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are available with specific formulas for each stage of life. You can also give your pet specific nutrients, like vitamin C for bone strength or vitamin E and selenium to help prevent the development of arthritis in older animals.

Digestive formulas are available that help prevent furballs in cats, and animals that are under stress can also be treated with herbal remedies exclusively created for pets. If your pet is overweight, an herbal supplement can be effective in helping to boost metabolism and regulate digestion so that weight loss will be easier. Herbal immune boosters and antioxidants can help keep pets from becoming ill, and if they do get sick, herbal pet products with antibiotic properties provide a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. There are also effective herbal pet remedies for animals with chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis and anxiety.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy for animals is another natural approach to health that is well worth considering once you realize what holistic pet professionals have to say about the use of traditional medicine and commercial pet products.

Homeopathy is a kind of natural remedy in which tiny doses of substances that would produce an illness in larger amounts are taken so that the body can build immunity to the toxin. Animals can be treated with homeopathy for many different conditions.


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