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Tuesday 22 January 2019
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Healing Stones

Healing ailments with stones is not new to the world. It is an ancient art that has been practiced since prehistoric times. Countries like China and Egypt have rich culture that speaks volumes of stories of various instances when people were treated with stones and crystals. It was believed that these stones are special objects with supernatural powers that can be used for one’s distinct purpose. Well, those people are no more but the stones are still in existence. They have adored the earth’s bed for thousands of years and are found out by researchers and that’s not an easy task. Healing stones are still considered by many who believe in it.

This area of metaphysics has been questioned by many who are non-believers of such things. It has also been related to the areas of occult and magic. Well, people have different opinions and that must be respected. If you believe in this part of the world, then you can prefer it easily. Scientifically it can be proved by some theories and examples related to other fields as to how healing stones work. Our body is a mysterious composition of various elements that can do wonders sometimes. It has certain trigger points that are used to produce ripples that can change a particular function in our body. For instance, the therapy of acupuncture that is used to treat diseases such as infertility or childbirth is a wonder in itself for how it can be possible to cure women of infertility problems by inserting a needle into her skin. But, many cases have proved that it does work.

Similarly, this stone initiates responses to influence these points and uses them to heal diseases. Various types of diseases such as kidney stones, blood pressures, major aches and pains, problematic indigestion, etc. can be treated with the use of these healing stones. There is a different way of using them for treating a specific illness. For instance, a person with indigestion problem can take the stone and rub it on his belly constantly for a specific period of time. In most of the cases, the stones are advised to be worn on fingers as a ring or on the neck as a chain.

There are also other types of stones that help in gaining wisdom and spirituality. Amethyst crystals are a well – known item in the field of gemstones and are considered very effective in promoting love and wisdom in your life. They are mostly recommended for attaining a heightened level of sense and awareness.

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