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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Saving And Soothing Natural Blood Sucking Treatment – Leech Therapy!

Leech Therapy! written by: nitswrite Leeches – the crawling spineless filthy bloodsuckers can be a potential natural lifesavers. Well, this is possible!! One of the most contemporary – YES – contemporary – medical therapy, to treat the replanting of cleaved fingers (or other body parts) and lethal infection in the passage of blood-circulation. It is highly recommended to consult the senior doctor/medical practitioner with respect to the actual usage of the leech therapy because it requires a systematic approach to get the successful results.

Following Are The Pros Of Using This Valuable Leech Therapy –
1] Though it was deliberately ignored in spite being a valuable therapy in treating the cells with damaged blood flow, few distinguished medical practitioners understood the importance of these leeches. The only reason is – the saliva of these leeches prevents the blood clotting increasing the blood flow at the affected tissue.
2] This bite will help in replenishing the oxygenated blood supply to this damaged tissue, thus helping it to regrow to regain the blood circulation.
3] Minute veins can be reattached with the help of leech therapy. To quote an example – the most minute ear veins tend to clot the blood during surgery, and it is a proved example that using this therapy the operation was successful.

Following Are The Cons Of Using Leech Therapy If It Is Not Undertaken With Proper Experienced Supervision –
1] There are chances that these leeches will slide down after few minutes and thus getting attached themselves to the healthy body tissues.
2] Psychologically, most of the patients fail to digest the thought of attaching a leech to their body, thus giving a step-brotherly treatment to this leech therapy. The patients will simply reject the thought of attaching a parasite to their body that is sucking their blood!

CONCLUSION – Though it is visualized, the leech bite – in the entire process of leech therapy – is not a lethal bite, but a life giving and soothing natural blood sucking treatment unlike its perceived character!

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